Summer Stripes

Summer Stripes

Stripes are in this summer and with a range of designers and high street styles, there is more than a range to choose from to make you feel on point.

The featured image only show a few of the different types of styles but there is a raising amount, with of the shoulder shirts, and ruffles making a comeback and pinstripes heading out of the wardrobes. Take into consideration that this is a timeless trend and stripes look good at any moment. With the hot weather and it being the holiday season, it’s a great time to indulge or dig out your striped gems. You can either introduce this trend subtly, go crazy with strips or do both!

Items can be stylish jumpsuits, shorts, tops, swimwear, shoes, beachwear, and accessories. Here are a few of my favorites pieces.

For the go crazy stripes:

Playful Striped Jumpsuit By NewLook

Classic Comme Des Garcons Top

Stripe Stripe Shorts H&M

Subtle but introduced stripes:

Large Tasteful Scarf H&M

Elegant Parallel Lines Dress Pinstripe

Holiday Wear TKMaxx


JuiceBox Magazine

JuiceBox Magazine

JuiceBox Girls Summer Issue.

I acted as editor of JuiceBox magazine and contributed to this issues by writing, researching and contacting female authors, editing articles and features. Acting as creative direction on editorial shoots, helped plan and design the magazine along with producing and influencing the graphics. I created promotional material for JuiceBox by creating launch party posters, postcards and a mock-up of a website.


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An Afternoon at Thomas’s

An Afternoon at Thomas’s

As the day in London consisted mainly of shopping and store visits for my current project we decided to eat somewhere different, and Thomas’s Burberry café did not disappoint.


The menu was filled with rich food, from lobster to afternoon tea and many other selections that catered most luncheon cravings.


The food presentation was beautifully served, with small touches that made the luncheon feel even more special than my normal lunch time. Well for me anyway!


Thomas’s café itself was spacious and elegant and held the ongoing Burberry theme. The staff were amazing making sure there was a high level of silver service.


The drink selection catered for all of your delicacies from champagne to a variety of wines and a range of spirits.


Thomas’s is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon meal away from the busy streets of London and a different culinary experience to enjoy your lunch time !


Hope you all enjoyed the post and the link is below 🙂

Thomas’s Burberry Cafe


I Wanna Be Apart Of It, New York, New York !

I Wanna Be Apart Of It, New York, New York !

Personally, I love to travel and experience new cities and countries. So I was fortunate enough to visit the one and only New York, the city that never sleeps.

As many of you who have visited New York, would know it is not a relaxing city break. However, it is a trip that is worth every penny !

For me, the city was extremely busy filled with workers, tourists, and the cities residents. However, the place was friendly enough dealing with the amount of tourist flowing through the streets.

When visiting New York, you want to see as much as you can, such as all the well known places to visit as Wall Street, Central Park, The Rockafella, Grand Central Station, Times Square, Little Itlay, China Town, Battery Park, Federal Hall, Empire State Building, Broadway, Crysler Building and many more.

I would truly recommend buying a travel guide and pre-plan what you want to get out of your visit, but get one that is full of tips and has the metro line map because its quick and easy to get around New York.

When visiting myself I managed to see all of the above and more, for myself I wanted to visit the well-known department store Macy’s, plus Greenwich Village and experience one of the sports games from the New York Yankees. Also, eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and discover the Shake Shack ! Having a picture next to the charging Bull, and then sailing away from the city towards home…

As a huge city lover, New York is a massive recommendation it’s got the buzz, it’s busy and there is always something going on, which is one of the many things I love.

After visiting the city for over a week it did not disappoint my expectations, and I would definitely go there again.


IMG_0368 (1)

Comment below and give tips and advice to anyone going to visit the city. And enjoy your trip ! I certainly did. 🙂


Fashion Magazines

Fashion Magazines

I have always had a large collection of fashion magazines, however now that I am studying fashion in depth my number has rapidly increased.

Few Of My Favourite Covers

I collect a varity of magazines, but Vogue, Love and V are my main ones.

When either myself or my family goes away I ask for a Vogue, I try to buy the first issue from the location when ever I visit as a souvenir. 

After doing this over a few years I have got multiple Vogue’s from American, Italy, France, Germany and Korea. 

The top fashion issue this month is Vogue, celebrating 100 years with the Duchess of Cambridge on the front cover. 

This is a must have issue !