Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Revolution Day

Happy Fashion Revolution Day Everyone !

On Saturday 23rd April Arforetro held an event at Pop Brixton.

At the event there was ethical markets, fashion work shops and a clothes swapping party. There was over 17 independent ethical fashion brands that supplied a mixture of fashion, accessories and jewellery. 

Fashion Revolution Day is about understanding where are clothes come, and who has made them. There are small things that we can do to change either by supporting small business, creating and fixing your own clothes, buy vintage or charity shopping.

Also donate clothing rather than throwing them away !

Ask the question ‘Who Made My Clothes ?’


Pop Brixton

The Sunshine International Arts is a leading artistic, education and production carnival company. They also run an arts community in Loughborough and opened a Pop Brixton called C.A.F.E (Carnival Arts For Everyone). This is where in the Summer Carnival season they serve both teaching and workspace for making of the costumes. 

Their Pop Brixton shop is to showcase their work; they also sell art from the ‘Mulana: Art of the People’ this is an Indian charity based company, and the products are all hand embroidered with all the proceeds going back to them. 

Yelp produced a secret Brixton trail where whenever you checked in to places you were able to use their promotions. Certain shops with the secret Brixton were giving out free samples of products, or giving out food and drinks. 

Pop Brixton is a great place to spend a sunny weekend afternoon, there are lots of great places to eat, drink and shop.