Live By Night

Live By Night

Deceit, Betrayal, Power and the Rise.

As being a part of the early viewing to see Live by Night at Warner Brothers in London.


The film as a whole was well shaped, had a clear direction and captured the era perfectly.

It wasn’t a typical gangster film, which in my opinion was really nice. They concentrated on different aspects that would have actually happened and arisen in that historic time period.


There were many twists and turns in the film, some you could predict, others there was no chance.

Some raised the issue that the ending tied up all the loose ties and didn’t leave much to the imagination in leaving the audience to wonder. However, the ending had many twists but I liked the fact everything tied together.


Hope you enjoyed the post !


August 6’s

August 6’s

July has been and gone and now it’s August, so here are a few of my favourite items or things this month.


1.  Suicide Squad. 

I have waited to see this movie since last year, and it was so worth the wait. It was completely amazing and exceeded my expectations.

It was totally badass….

Check out the soundtrack because it is mint !


2.  Apple Watch 

So this week I bought an Apple Watch and I love it.

The product is convenient, easy to keep you updated on the go, and useful.

It’s a watch to the extreme.


3.  Urban Renewal Vintage Surplus Black Harrington Jacket 

So over the past couple of months, I wanted a jacket that I could throw on and wear, look stylish and one that would match most of my collection.

I know bomber jackets are in but I wanted something slightly different.

So last week ladies and gentlemen I have found it…

This Harrington jacket from Urban Outfitters not only looks great, it’s an easy jacket to pair with outfits and it’s also renewal fashion.


4.  Fashion’s September Issues 

This month the fashion magazines release the September issues, these are the ones that release what to wear for next season.


5.  L’OREAL Brow Artist Shaper 

I bought the Brow Artist Shaper because it’s easy to use and has two sides. One where you can fill in your eyebrows, or two just shape them if you’re running late or can’t be bothered but still need to do something with them.


6.  Sunshine Yellow Vest Top

It’s a small item but it brightens up my wardrobe for the summer.

Hope everyone enjoyed the post and is having a great summer ! 🙂



RomCom Fanatic

RomCom Fanatic

Some of my all time favourite classic 80’s films are Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty In Pink.


Sixteen Candles is about an average teen girl, enduring the high school life whilst crushing on the popular boy. It is a classic Romantic Comedy with a laugh, tears and a perfect ending cause that’s what we all want.


Pretty In Pink is about two very different lifestyles. It involves the girl who lives on the wrong side of town and the rich heart-throb who asks her out. But complications and lifestyles get involved !

Also Jon Cryer who plays Duckey in the film, also plays Alan Harper from Two and a half Men !

IMG_8675 (1)

The Breakfast Club is my absolute favourite film of all time, its got it all ! from comedy, truth, to tears, rebellion, well as much you can do in a high school. It’s also about how we are all seen and labeled from the outside world.


These films are all produced by John Hughes and are a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon or a classic chick flick evening !

Other movies to look at for is Weird Science and Can’t Buy Me Love !