on AHEAD Wireless Stereo Headphones.

With the new iPhone 7 I wanted to try a wireless headphone set.  I have previously owned a pair, but I found that I rarely used them as they would never be charged or I found myself just using the headphone jack.


So rather than buying an expensive pair of headphones I wanted to see whether I used them enough to maybe advance later, but after purchasing the AHEAD Wireless Stereo Headphones I feel that I don’t need an upgrade.

Benefits of the headset are they are extremely lightweight and don’t feel heavy, also via the headset you can change the volume, pause, play and skip tracks which I find really useful. They are easy to use and have long lasting usage of up to 14 hours, along with hands-free phone functions.

Oh and the packaging is on point! literally beautiful packaging for a reasonably priced product.


Flaws are there not fully noise canceling headphones, however for the price of £79 that’s not really a problem ! only a problem for the person sat next to you..

I purchased my pair of headphones from Urban Outfitters because of they offer student discount !!! But I would recommend that you try them as they might not be right for you!

All the best,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!