Summer Stripes

Summer Stripes

Stripes are in this summer and with a range of designers and high street styles, there is more than a range to choose from to make you feel on point.

The featured image only show a few of the different types of styles but there is a raising amount, with of the shoulder shirts, and ruffles making a comeback and pinstripes heading out of the wardrobes. Take into consideration that this is a timeless trend and stripes look good at any moment. With the hot weather and it being the holiday season, it’s a great time to indulge or dig out your striped gems. You can either introduce this trend subtly, go crazy with strips or do both!

Items can be stylish jumpsuits, shorts, tops, swimwear, shoes, beachwear, and accessories. Here are a few of my favorites pieces.

For the go crazy stripes:

Playful Striped Jumpsuit By NewLook

Classic Comme Des Garcons Top

Stripe Stripe Shorts H&M

Subtle but introduced stripes:

Large Tasteful Scarf H&M

Elegant Parallel Lines Dress Pinstripe

Holiday Wear TKMaxx


The Remembrance Book

The Remembrance Book

Working with a new author, to produce and create a front cover for The Remembrance, which is a digitally published book on Wattpad. It’s a short story filled with constant suspense and leaves you wanting more.


The Remebrance

The Front Cover is created by myself and the author of The Remembrance is MollyH98.