Whats Next?

Whats Next?

That dreaded question haunts your whole entire university experience! With everyone and I mean everyone is asking you what are your plans after uni, what are you hoping to achieve, have you got a job lined up?

These are the questions that become more prominent as you come to the end of your degree, most of the time you want to respond crying and saying help me! Or just start walking away every time someone asks that question! That’s right just abruptly start walking away in a different direction preferably towards a bar! But like most I’m sure, I have the generic answer of ‘I’m not really sure at the moment but I am just going with the flow’ Which is my hidden answer of saying I have no clue.

But to be honest, this is the first time in my life where I don’t have a plan, I worked hard through school in hopes to get into college, then worked hard there in hopes to get into university, and then worked hard to get my degree! I know that it was all towards to get a job but I have no clue what I want to do for the rest of my life and it’s hard to set goals when you just so unsure. To be honest, this freaked me out, I like to plan, I like to know where I’m going.

I recently watched the commencement speech by Will Ferrell who stated that ‘I was trying to throw as many darts at the dartboard hoping one would eventually stick’ which clicked with me that its ok not to know as long as your trying. Personally, I know my career is in fashion because that is what I love and I love everything that inspires fashion whether its music, art, movies, books etc. But for the first time, I am content at not knowing and I am going to go with the flow.




I started blogging as a form of a university project and had no idea what to a) write about or b) couldn’t decide on a subject matter. For a few years, I have tested and trailed out certain things to fit into a category.

But I have finally realised that I don’t need to fit into a particular subject matter, so I have decided to make my blog a place of laughter, fun and involve my own experiences. I want to make my posts about things I’m passionate about and create conversation. It will involve fashion, art, current issues and generally be my point of view which is awesome but I also want to inform and create a place that I can voice my finds.

And plus the fact I accidentally paid for another year’s subscription.


Beauty & The Beast ….

Beauty & The Beast ….

My Day Entails……

Being in love with the new adaptation of Beauty & The Beast.

It feels in forever since the last time I watched the old version, but it wasn’t long until I found myself internally singing along to the new one.

It truly was a spectacular film filled with amazing performances throughout, especially by Emma Watson. Who plays Belle’s role, exactly how you would imagine a Disney princess.

Towards the end of the film, I found myself nearly about to stand and give applause, then remembered where I was. (Cough Cough…. Seriously I nearly just did that)

But for a Disney fan, the film is definitely not a disappointment especially if Beauty & The Beast is one of your favourites like it is mine.


Cover designed and created by myself.


Live By Night

Live By Night

Deceit, Betrayal, Power and the Rise.

As being a part of the early viewing to see Live by Night at Warner Brothers in London.


The film as a whole was well shaped, had a clear direction and captured the era perfectly.

It wasn’t a typical gangster film, which in my opinion was really nice. They concentrated on different aspects that would have actually happened and arisen in that historic time period.


There were many twists and turns in the film, some you could predict, others there was no chance.

Some raised the issue that the ending tied up all the loose ties and didn’t leave much to the imagination in leaving the audience to wonder. However, the ending had many twists but I liked the fact everything tied together.


Hope you enjoyed the post !


#WhatIsRAW ?

#WhatIsRAW ?

G-Star RAW

#WhatisRAW UK Tour

G-Star held an event at the flagship store on Oxford street, London, which consisted of live performances and a range of DJ sets from She Devil and Siobhan Bell.

The event consisted of seeing the FW16 collection, and with any purchase, you were given a G-Star tote bag. You could also customise your own denim brought on the night. Also ….

See live performers such as Etta Bond, Jay IDK, Lola Coca, Nova Twins and The Cortes, which were absolutely amazing !! 🙂

(This short video just shows some of the performers sets at the event.)

There were live pieces of art that were being created throughout the night by artists that truly inspired and captured the event of #WhatisRAW ?


Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂



An Afternoon at Thomas’s

An Afternoon at Thomas’s

As the day in London consisted mainly of shopping and store visits for my current project we decided to eat somewhere different, and Thomas’s Burberry café did not disappoint.


The menu was filled with rich food, from lobster to afternoon tea and many other selections that catered most luncheon cravings.


The food presentation was beautifully served, with small touches that made the luncheon feel even more special than my normal lunch time. Well for me anyway!


Thomas’s café itself was spacious and elegant and held the ongoing Burberry theme. The staff were amazing making sure there was a high level of silver service.


The drink selection catered for all of your delicacies from champagne to a variety of wines and a range of spirits.


Thomas’s is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon meal away from the busy streets of London and a different culinary experience to enjoy your lunch time !


Hope you all enjoyed the post and the link is below 🙂

Thomas’s Burberry Cafe


Fashion Promotion

Fashion Promotion

As summer has ended, my second year of University has started. So over the summer I have acquired the perfect books to help me further in my degree.

Fashion Promotion In Practice

By Jon Cope & Dennis Maloney

This book contains information and insights about the Fashion Promotion world. The content explores areas such as new technologies, tactics, strategies, visual merchandising, magazines or advertising. I find the book to be informative and very visually interesting, and I especially like the creative side with information about blogs, film, websites and much more.

Creating A Brand Identity

By Catharine Slade-Brooking

Creating A Brand Identity is a book that contains tips and tricks on each process, whether it be from researching, creating mood boards, rebranding and relaunching, plus much more. I really like that the book is laid out so that it allows you to learn each chapter, and then try the activities on how to create a successful brand.

Fashion and Textile Design with Photoshop & Illustrator

By Robert Hume

This book is a step-by-step guide explaining two essential programs for the creative fashion world. It explains and demonstrates how to master layers, explore varied approaches towards drawing a garment. It’s an easy layout enabling you to follow the instructions, and explains each program whilst giving you shortcuts.

Hope this is helpful !