Beauty & The Beast ….

My Day Entails…… Being in love with the new adaptation of Beauty & The Beast. It feels in forever since the last time I watched the old version, but it wasn’t long until I found myself internally singing along to the new one. It truly was a spectacular film filled with amazing performances throughout, especially by Emma…

The Remembrance Book

Working with a new author, to produce and create a front cover for The Remembrance, which is a digitally published book on Wattpad. It’s a short story filled with constant suspense and leaves you wanting more. XCPRESSX The Front Cover is created by myself and the author of The Remembrance is MollyH98.

HungOver Back Stage Event Vlog

A short vlog showing what it was like to be backstage at the event listening to sound check and scheduling social media posts.   XCPRESSX

The HungOver Jams Event

A short vlog clip of some of the amazing talents, that performed at the HungOver Jams event night. I put together the vlog to showcase the event. XCPRESSX

HungOver Polaroids

Creating the HungOver polaroids from the event, but adding more brand colours into the mix. Instagram Feed Design: Twitter Feed: XCPRESSX

Emeli Sande at HungOver Jams

Emeli Sande attended the HungOver Jams event, the pictures from backstage were branded and added onto the social media platforms, thanking Emeli Sande for supporting and appearing at the event. Instagram Feed: The pictures were taken by Adeyinka Adepitan. Twitter Feed: XCPRESSX

HungOver Branding

After the HungOver Jams event, as a team we had to edit and brand all the images from the night to be able to upload them into a Facebook album. All the credits for the photography go to the HungOver creative team and Adeyinka Adepitan. Some of the photos from the event finalised and edited, with…

HungOver Jams Event

The Instagram Feed after the event was thanking: everyone that came and supported the exceptional talent, the artists that performed, the band, the open mic winner and the other contendents. Instagram Feed: Individual Instagram Posts: Twitter Feed: XCPRESSX

HungOver Jams Event Night

One of my main roles on the night was to update the social media platforms, especially to make sure that they all covered the live event. Few of the tweets that were published on the night. Instagram Story: Footage from the Instagram story off the HungOver Jams event. XCPRESSX