Bois Des Iles

Bois Des Iles

The Chanel Bois Des Iles perfume project was about re-branding the product and creating a promotional campaign that not only increased the sales of Bois Des Iles but still maintained the branding of Chanel.

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About Bois Des Iles.

Bois Des Iles is part of the  Chanel exclusive range. Chanel doesn’t advertise the range because of a high demand for this product. The Chanel range is a status symbol. Bois Des Iles was launched in 1926 during the Art Deco movement. The Bois Des Iles perfume was hugely influenced by African and exotic locations. This campaign proposal will create something that is special and elegant for the Chanel brand. It will also take travel as its main theme.

Final TouchPoints.


The perfume will be presented in a travel box. This will be an invitation to travel. The box is a simplified version of a classic 1920’s trunk. This bag design will have a passport stamp of the location on the front, depending on where the customer has brought the product from. When the product is purchased, the box will be wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon around it saying ‘Chanel’.

Pop-up event

The pop-up event will present the invitation to travel week, which will sell the perfume in a fun and interactive way. During the event, the back wall will be covered in digital screens. Throughout the week the digital screens will be updated with Instagram posts from all of the other locations. A green screen booth will be created so that people can pick their own chosen background. This will be selected from all of the locations that have been chosen for the pop-up shop. The private event will be presented the night before the official launch. This event generates interest from social media. People will post their pictures of the main event upon to social media. At the end of the event, Chanel clients and celebrities will be given a gift bag so they are seen with the product. 

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