4 Things

4 Things

Sorry I haven’t been posting much Uni has been very busy lately, so this post is about fun randomness that keeps me going.

Personally, I have an endless list of items around my room but each one has a purpose. For example, I am a type of person to lose anything, and keys are my worst nightmare especially in the morning.

So to deal with my missing keys arrangement, I have got an amazing cup that will always keep my keys safe, and it’s not like I can miss them in that.


Around my room, I have a lot of random lights, from tiki bar signs, flamingos and to the current new light that has arrived on the market called the cinematic light box. This light is an amazing way to have fun and literally lighten up your room.

As a person who loves to draw, I have a large amount of pens for different things. So like my keys I have a habit of misplacing these pens. So I have used this adorable miniature bag from Selfridge’s cause I like to give my pens the lifestyle they deserve.

I have lived in London for nearly a year now, and I have been to so many exciting events. As a memory of all the amazing things, I have experienced this year I have created a scrapbook wall that holds all of my adventures.



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