My Final Year At University

Dear followers, I know I haven’t been updating my blog much this past year and can only apologise. This year has been completely crazy as I have been completing my degree in fashion promotion. Throughout this year I have been working on a project called Acute. Acute is a bespoke, knowledgeable, trusted, skincare brand that…

Summer Stripes

Stripes are in this summer and with a range of designers and high street styles, there is more than a range to choose from to make you feel on point. The featured image only show a few of the different types of styles but there is a raising amount, with of the shoulder shirts, and ruffles making…

Pixel London

PIXEL London is a creative digital platform showcasing the best work of Ravensbourne Fashion Promotion students. The launch was at Somerset House for a one-day exhibition that featured specific work created for the event. XCPRESSX

Giuseppe Zanotti Report

As part of my course, one of the projects was to come up with a promotional campaign that will raise the profile and increase sales for the international brand. I had to identify with the brand, understand the greater market in which it is operating, its current performance against competitors and the kind of campaign…

JuiceBox Magazine

JuiceBox Girls Summer Issue. I acted as editor of JuiceBox magazine and contributed to this issues by writing, researching and contacting female authors, editing articles and features. Acting as creative direction on editorial shoots, helped plan and design the magazine along with producing and influencing the graphics. I created promotional material for JuiceBox by creating launch party posters,…

Press Society

Press Society was a self-made magazine that featured elements such photography, graphics, and fashion design. It was a magazine created to showcase a variety of skills and present different promotional techniques for a brand that included editorial, adverts and front covers. Press Society Magazine Issue.   XCPRESSX

Dark Fashion

Dark Fashion Photography Series. Photographed and Styled by myself.

Bois Des Iles

The Chanel Bois Des Iles perfume project was about re-branding the product and creating a promotional campaign that not only increased the sales of Bois Des Iles but still maintained the branding of Chanel. About Bois Des Iles. Bois Des Iles is part of the  Chanel exclusive range. Chanel doesn’t advertise the range because of…

LAP Technologies

LAP Technologies Business Cards. Mock-Up of a poster design for LAP Technologies. Created by Charlie Press.